Vegan diet

cartoon of a teen asking if a cauliflower is vegan

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products and the philosophy of rejecting the status of animals as a commodity. This extends to all lifestyle choices, eg choosing household products, clothing and cosmetics which are free from animal products and which have not been tested on animals. In particular followers of veganism abstain from consuming food and drink which include animal products, including dairy and honey, or those where animal products have been used in their production, eg some beers and wines.

A true vegan, therefore, only eats plant-based foods. Veganism is becoming quite mainstream these days and as such fashionable. This may undermine the true vegan message by obscuring it as a fad – in much the same way as ‘a gluten-free’ diet has led to some difficulties for people with coeliac disease.

Given that plant-based foods can lack certain nutrients, it’s often recommended that vegans take supplements, especially Vitamin B.


The Vegan Society website has a lot of information including many tasty-sounding recipes

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