wakame – (Japanese: ‘young seaweed’) sea vegetable

walnut – edible nut which is good for salads and in cooked dishes

wasabi – Japanese freshwater plant with a hot, pungent taste similar to horseradish, usually sold as a green paste or powder. It’s used as a condiment.

water chestnut – sweet crunchy Chinese tuber-like vegetable, often used to add texture to a dish

watercress – strong-tasting salad leaf, related to mustard

watermelon – large fruit, related to the melon, with red, watery but crunchy flesh

well – a hollow in the centre of a pile of flour into which other ingredients are placed prior to mixing

whisk – a kitchen utensil used to blend ingredients quickly.  Also the act of  whisking.

whisky – a spirit distilled from malted barley, originally from Scotland

white meat – refers to cooked breast meat and other pale-coloured cooked meat of poultry, as opposed to the darker meat of the other parts, such as the legs

whiting – white-fleshed fish of the cod family. It’s less tasty and therefore usually cheaper than cod.

wholemeal – flour milled from the whole wheat kernel

wine – alcoholic drink which can be made from various fruits but usually from grapes

won ton – (Cantonese: ‘swallow cloud’) wrappers of Chinese noodle paste used to make dumplings, similar to ravioli

wormwood –  a bitter tasting herb which has been used for centuries to flavour drinks, eg absinthe and vermouth

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