kalamaki – Greek kebab, see souvlaki

kale –  member of the cabbage family which comes in two types, smooth leaves and curly (crinkly) leaves

kamut – an ancient variety of hard wheat, with a large kernel with a rich, nutty flavour

kanafeh or konafa – (Arabic) Middle Eastern cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup

kebab – (Arabic/Farsi/Urdu) grilled or barbecued skewered meat and/or vegetables, occasionally skewered fruit as a dessert

kecap manis or ketjap manis – (Malay) Indonesian condiment, like soy sauce but sweeter and stickier

khao niao – (Thai) glutinous rice

khoresh – (Persian) meat stew with fruit and nuts. It literally means “meal”.

khoshaf – (Persian) macerated dried fruit compote containing apricots, raisins and almonds

kimchi – (Korean) vegetable pickles used as a condiment

Kirsch – (German) a type of clear brandy produced from cherries

Kiwi fruit – egg-shaped fruit with juicy green interior, native to China but first grown commercially in New Zealand. Also known as “Chinese gooseberry”.

knead – a pressing and pushing technique used to develop the gluten in dough

knife – tool for cutting, formed of a blade and a handle. Knives come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each designed to fulfil a particular purpose. Always use the right knife for the job.

knock back – baking term meaning to punch down or knead out carbon dioxide in risen dough to return it to its original size

knock up – separate the layers of raw puff pastry with a knife around the cut edges of the pastry. This enables it to rise better when baked.

kohlrabi – (Swiss German: “cabbage-turnip”) member of the cabbage family with an edible bulb which is crunchy in texture. Sometimes known as a “turnip cabbage”.

korma – (Urdu) South Asian dish consisting of meat or vegetables braised in a lightly spiced sauce made with yoghurt, cream, nut or seed paste.

kulebyaka – (Russian) salmon and rice pie with a pastry crust

kulfi – Indian ice-cream made from reduced milk

kumquat – (Cantonese: “golden tangerine”) small edible citrus fruit of the fortunella family

kuay teow – (Min Nan Chinese: “rice cake strips”) flat noodles made from rice and popular in Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere in South East Asia

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