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nage, à la – (French: ‘swim’) traditionally it’s a broth, or court-bouillon, flavoured with white wine, vegetables, and herbs, in which seafood is poached.

nam pla – Thai fish sauce; the word ‘nam’ means ‘water’

nam prik – Thai chilli sauce

Nantua – classical French sauce with a Béchamel to which crayfish is added

napper – (French: nappe, ‘tablecloth’) to lightly coat in sauce

navarin – (French) lamb or mutton stew with onions and potatoes

Nebbiolo – red grape variety of Italian origin used in wine production

Negroamaro – Italian red grape variety used in wine production

nigella seed – tiny black seeds used as a spice to flavour foods

nimono – (Japanese) simmering technique, or a dish prepared by that technique

noisette – (French: hazelnut) small round piece of meat from the rib, usually lamb

nori – (Japanese) edible thin seaweed sheets, especially used for wrapping sushi

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