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tabbouleh – Middle Eastern salad of bulghur wheat mixed with tomatoes, onion, olive oil, lemon juice, mint and parsley

tagliatelle – Italian, pasta, long flat noodles

tagliolini – Italian, pasta like thin tagliatelle

tahina – crushed sesame-seed paste

tamarind – spice from the seed pod of the tamarind tree, used extensively in South East Asian and Indian cooking

tamis – a drum-shaped kitchen utensil which is used as a sieve, grater or food mill

tandoor – (Dari) Indian clay or metal oven used for baking

tannin – naturally occurring chemical that can be found in several plant sources. When derived from the stalks, skins and seeds of grapes in winemaking it imparts a dry ‘texture’ to the wine.

tapenade – Provençal paste of capers, olives, anchovies and garlic, and sometimes other flavourings

tarka – Indian method of tempering spices in hot oil to enhance their flavour

tarragon – culinary herb and an essential ingredient in many French dishes

tarte tatin – French dessert like an upside-down apple tart

tartufo – Italian word for truffle. A tartufo is also a chocolate dessert.

temper – to heat, cool then warm chocolate to precise temperatures so it becomes shiny when set

Tempranillo – red grape variety used in wine production, especially in Spain

tempura – (Japanese) seafood and vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried

teriyaki – Japanese cooking technique in which meat or fish is marinated in mirin and soy before being grilled

terrine – mixture of meat, fish or vegetables and seasonings cooked in a lined dish, similar to pâté

Thai curry paste – a paste of herbs and spices which typically forms the basis of many Thai dishes

tian – an earthenware vessel of Provence used for both cooking and serving. It also gives its name to the dish that’s baked in it.

tikka – Indian preparation of pieces of meat or fish marinated in spices prior to cooking

timbale – (French: ‘small drum’) food such as rice or vegetables or meat, with a pastry crust, pressed into a single-portion mould

tofu – (Japanese: ‘curdled bean’) soya-bean curd

tomato – a fruit of the same family as peppers, chillies, and aubergines. Typically used as a vegetable.

torte – German for round cake or flan

tortilla – (Spanish) a kind of omelette

tortilla – (Mexican) unleavened bread. Mexican tortillas can be made of wheat or maize, and may be soft or crispy. They’re generally used as a wrapper to contain various other foods and fillings.

toss – to mix food in a dressing or sauce or to agitate gently to mix ingredients

tostada – (Spanish: ‘toasted’) similar to a tortilla but the fillings are placed on top rather than contained inside

to the ribbon – the stage at which whisked egg yolks become thick enough to leave a ribbon trail on the surface when the whisk is held above the bowl

to the thread – when reducing sugar syrup the stage reached when it will form threads if tested between a wet finger and thumb

tournedos – (French: ‘turn back’) round cut of beef fillet cut from the end of the tenderloin

tranche – French for slice

trenette – (Italian) long and narrow, flat pasta ribbons

trevisse or treviso Italian red chicory leaves

trifolato – (Italian) a method for thinly slicing meat or vegetables and sautéing in oil, garlic and parsley

trout – pink-fleshed oily fish, a member of the salmon family. Most commonly farmed these days.

truffle – edible body of an underground fungus. Used to flavour sauces etc, eaten raw in salads or used as a garnish

truffle – abbreviation of ‘chocolate truffle’, a confection made from chocolate

tuile – (French: ’tile’) thin, crisp biscuit, often bent into fancy shapes and used as a garnish

tuna – large oily fish in the same family as the mackerel. Very popular in Japanese cuisine.

turbot – large, flat, seafish. Expensive and considered to be a delicacy.

turkey – poultry like a large chicken but with drier meat. Traditionally served as the centrepiece of Christmas dinner in the UK.

turnip – root vegetable with a creamy white and purple skin and white flesh. It’s a member of the cabbage family, similar to swede.

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